TAOG Gallery - Inventions

Welcome to TAOG's Great Hall of Inventions!

Often, we see something that amazes, bewilders, or even inspires us to think, invent and solve all sorts of challenges!

Here are some ideas and concepts to start your creative engine and keep it running!
(We are not selling these things…but you can Google them!)

Invention #1

The Ice Cream Cone Rotator

Licking ice cream is a real hassle, isn’t it? Not any more thanks to the rotating cone that will move the ice cream so you can leave your tongue in one place – making for a much more successful ice cream experience.

Invention #2

The Cutting Board Bird Feeder

Don’t waste those breadcrumbs! Feed them directly to the birds.This cutting board vents off the crumbs so you don’t have to clear them away, the birds will do that for you. (Good luck pumping that outside though : )

Invention #3

The Dog (animal) Washing Curtain

Getting wet while cleaning an animal can be troublesome. So why not encase yourself behind something ingenious that lets the pup get wet and washed and shake shake shake…while keeping you dry!