About Us

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TAOG is a supportive and inspiring gathering place for all Creatives.

Artists, Musicians, Writers, Actors, Chefs, Innovators, Enthusiasts…

We share the wonders of manifesting and enjoying Creativity… together.

We have been known to think, function, interact and process information just a little differently.

We become enlightened when we see, hear and feel our world through the joys of imagination, detail, and vision.

We know the roller coaster ride of our emotions, intuitions, and instincts – Yet, these are often the foundations upon which we outreach and share our creative moments and successes.

For those of us who Create, we live the potential of one single thought manifesting into something that can inspire the world around us — and can lure us into mental, emotional, and physical exhaustion in the process of creating it.

For those who enjoy the art of observing, viewing, and including Creativity in their lives, you know the life-changing enthusiasm one can experience when discovering those Creations that speak directly to our hearts and spirits.

This is home. The place where you come to discover yourself and each other.

Where you take comfort in knowing you are not alone “outside the box” — and where you find information, resources, and care…to best support your own personal Creative journey on this planet.

Join us in connecting and empowering the undeniable excitement, innovation, and joy of being … Creatives.