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Essence of Light Spiritual Therapy

Coach/Instructor: Eva Sin

Embrace your resilience and reclaim the Essence of Your Light

Website: https://www.essenceoflightjourney.com/
Contact Information: essenceoflightjourney@gmail.com

Therapeutic Care

About this Creative

I identify as a cis-gender, racialized Asian woman and I have had the privilege of working and developing meaningful connections with many diverse communities in my 20+ years of experience in front-line education, support and case management work in commercial, government, and not-for-profit sectors including HIV/AIDS sector, newcomer communities, LGBTQQI2S communities, Indigenous communities, and women’s organizations. As we all come with a spectrum of identities and social locations that influence our lived reality it is essential in my work to honour the impact of multiple intersectionalities such as race/class/gender identity and expression/sexual orientation/disability and unpacking how they intertwine with your interaction in this world and meaningfully exploring your life choices in achieving the best version of your beautifully complex Self.

Essence of Light Spiritual Therapy

Who are we to play small when our purpose in this lifetime is to shine bright and live our fullest life by showing up, and being seen? When we embrace our shadow with our light, our vulnerability with our resilience, our fears with our confidence, and our denial with our acceptance, we intertwine our inner wisdom with our inner critic and honour the essential self. We reclaim the divine light of our wholeness when we can acknowledge, accept, and take responsibility for what is ours. We may feel like we are broken, but our wounds don’t define us; rather, they lay the foundation from which to reconnect with our powerful true selves. Allow me to support your journey and guide you on your sacred path through spiritual therapy. My spiritual therapy approach uses talk therapy to explore your soul’s purpose through Divine Guidance from the Universe (which we can also refer to as “God/Spirit/Higher Power/Higher Self/Collective Conscience/Divine” or explore whatever word/idea/intention best resonates for you), through the interplay of your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and sexual self. This may include inner child work, rebalancing chakras, guided meditations, energy healing, or a combination of these treatments that best serves with your unique and beautiful Self