The Art of Observation

The Art of Observation was created to offer you an insightful and entertaining look at a variety of different perspectives and challenges in life.
Watch the video  –>  or read below for your instructions to this entertaining activity.
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Picture #1 - "Discernment"

Have a look at this picture of “The Two Bowls of Fruit.”
Read the questions provided below the picture.

Think carefully about your answers — they are a roadmap to your discoveries about Discernment.

You may do this on your own or with others.

How to do this process:

Have a look at the picture “Two Bowls of Fruit” and see what the questions below bring to mind…

1. Look closely…do you see any differences between these two bowls of fruit?

2. What do you think the fruit would taste like?

3. Do you think the fruit from one bowl would taste exactly the same as the fruit from the other bowl?

4. Do you think these bowls of fruit were made at exactly the same time?

5. What if we told you… that the fruit bowl on the left was real fruit…yet, the fruit bowl on the right is wax fruit!???

6. Now, do they taste the same?

7. Did it surprise you that they look identical yet they are NOT?

8. Does this remind you of anything in your life?

9. Do you know two people whom everyone assumes are the same because of how they look, act , appear…but they are actually quite different?

10. Are you different than how people perceive you?

11. Have you ever assumed someone would act, appear, be… because of whom their family, friends or work associates are? Did they surprise you when you discovered they were not like the others at all?

12. Last question: Will you ever look at a bowl of fruit the same way again? Lol?

We hope you have enjoyed your journey of “Discernment” – The art of looking at two things that appear to be the same yet, discover that they are really quite unique and different in many ways.

Stay tuned for the release of “The Art of Observation” – The Book.