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Creative/Chef: Anthony Go

Chef Anthony Go overcomes developmental challenges to become one of our most treasured chefs… and heroes.

Website: https://illimitable-kitchen.square.site
Contact Information: chefanthonygo@gmail.com

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About this Creative

I believe in bringing joy to people through food.
That is why I become a chef. When I see people smiling and enjoying my food, it brings joy to my heart.

I am a committed volunteer to support families with developmental disability.

Growing up, I meet a lot of families that struggle with developmental disability. Most young adults with developmental disability have uncertain future. Some graduated from high school without a diploma which limits their future path.

Most stay home doing nothing as the waitlist is long and funding is minimal.

Some go to Day Program. Some do part-time jobs that most view as menial work. A few are blessed with the opportunity to pursue higher education.

Into the future……
I intend to change that.
My aspiration is to lead a business that offers employment to
adults with developmental disability, so that they can live with dignity and purpose.

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