TAOG Gallery


Creative/Artist: Hannah McMillan

Seeing life through the fantasy lands of children’s books to the reality of our photographed world.

Website: https://hannahmcmillan.com
Contact Information: hannahjmcmillan@gmail.com


The Royal Couple

This regal portrait of pet bunnies “Roxy & Spencer” was originally created by McMillan as a birthday gift for our TAOG founder Cori Ashley. This extraordinary piece of artwork quickly became a sought after image – so it evolved into one of our most special collections in our TAOG Empowering Store. (So you too can enjoy this Royal couple as well). Thank you Hannah!

One Magical Night

This illustration is the ultimate portrayal of the enchantment and folklore we feel at Christmas time. Set in a scene of days gone by — this picture brings light to the anticipation of what’s to come Christmas morning. 

The Shape of Time

McMillan brings our eye to the diversity of shape and style in a metropolitan landscape with this photograph that transports us to the busy and exciting energy of the city.